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Local Authors Expo-Birmingham, Alabama

birmingham public library

Wow!  Today was such a busy day!  Rachel and I headed out early in the morning to the Birmingham Public Library’s Local Authors Expo.  We met many local authors, an illustrator, media members, and the fine folks who organized this exciting event.  At the expo, we debuted our book, Something New: The Bride’s Complete Guide to Writing Thank You Notes along with a companion book for tracking wedding gifts and thank you notes sent for those gifts.  This book was three years in the making and is the result of consulting etiquette books by Crane’s, Emily Post, Letitia Baldrige, and Robert Hickey.  Rachel and I even collaborated long distance while she lived in Tennessee and I lived in California.  Working together in Montgomery is so much easier!  Have I said how glad we are to be back in Alabama?!

Our goal with this book is to save brides, their mothers, and mother-in-laws to be time and reduce their stress over how to properly address thank you notes and what to write in those thank you notes.  Planning a wedding is stressful, especially with all of the other issues modern brides and their families confront.  Thanking others for thoughtful gifts should be a time of reflecting on the wonderful friends and family supporting the couple.  We hope this book simplifies the process of thanking others for their generosity!

Thanks to the Birmingham Public Library for sponsoring this event and for encouraging local authors to participate.  You can read more about the Local Authors Expo here.  Yes, Rachel and I are shown chatting to a future bride in this article!  We’ll have pictures from the event and more information about our books posted soon!