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Book Giveaway! (Winner Announced)


 Time is up! We used the sequence generator at to randomly select the winner. The winner of the book giveaway is #2 AEB: My favorite part of a wedding is the first dance!

Congratulations! We’re sending you an email. Happy writing:)

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest. We enjoyed reading each of your comments!

We’re giving away a set of our books Something New: The Bride’s Complete Guide to Writing Thank You Notes and Something New: The Bride’s Complete Guide to Tracking Thank You Notes.  One reader will be chosen after leaving a comment answering this question: What is your favorite part of a wedding?  Is it the cake?  The first dance?  Tell us what you love the most!  Good Luck!

The contest ends on Tuesday, December 13th, at 11:59 p.m., central time.  The winner will be notified by email.


  • Kristi

    I love seeing the groom’s reaction to his bride walking down the aisle. I know I can’t wait to see my fiance’s reaction. Will he stay true to form and keep his firm military look or will he smile knowing that we get to spend the rest of our lives together?

  • Beth

    My favorite part of a wedding is the look on the groom’s face when he first sees his beautiful bride coming towards him. A look of appreciation that this woman will be his forever.

  • Cara

    I love trying to figure out what the theme of the wedding is. Whether its one or two colors that are represented in the bridesmaids dresses, flowers, programs, and reception decor or a subject theme like Christmas, Winter, Autumn colors, the couple’s favorite team or just simple and/or traditional. I like trying to see if I can figure out what the bride’s theme is, and to be honest, judging whether she succesfully pulled it off…without going overboard.

  • Anita

    My favorite part of the wedding is the vows. When the bride and groom are looking at each other and speaking their vows, it doesn’t matter whether they are traditional vows or something they wrote to each other … either way, you can see love in its truest form coming from somewhere in their souls and right out their eyes. You can even feel the essence of love in the air, which helps all of us to remember a time we felt that kind of love or to hope for a time that we will feel that kind of love … and for that moment, even cynics believe in the strength and the power and the beauty of true love.

  • Mims Adams

    IK love watching the groom’s face when his bride walks in. He always is beaming and couldnt look happier.

  • Alice

    The flowers! I love all the creative arrangements brides are creating for their bouquets, altar arrangements and centerpieces at the reception tables. I especially enjoy some of the non-traditional, non-floral elements that they’re choosing to incorporate like branches, rhinestones and feathers. All beautiful, all gorgeous.

  • Leslie

    Because everyone is standing as the bride enters (and I’m 5’3″), I usually cannot catch a glimpse of her until she reaches my pew. I always keep my eye on the groom. His reaction is wonderful to see. Sometimes tears and sometimes, a smile from ear to ear! Even the groomsmen have priceless reactions to the bride. When she reaches my pew I then admire her. Always BEAUTIFUL!

  • JPD

    The cutting of the cake is the best, especially whenever the bride/groom has a little fun and “accidentally” misses their partner’s mouth.

  • CLS

    I absolutely love the anticipation of opening the door for the bride to walk in, and hearing the reaction of the audience and the groom.

  • AEB

    My favorite part of a wedding is the first dance!

  • Jennifer

    My favorite part is seeing the bride’s wedding dress!