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Thank You Note from a Precious Cheerleader

Cailin Featured Image

Recently, my husband’s niece, Cailin,  sent this thank you note to my in-laws.  Isn’t it sweet?  Cailin is a cheerleader for The Mints.  This year, The Mints were named National Cheerleader Association (NCA) National Champions.  These young ladies and their parents worked incredibly hard logging many, many miles in order to obtain their goal.  Part of the path to the championship also involved raising money for uniforms, travel, etc.

Here’s a picture of Cailin at the beach.

As a way to say “thanks” for a donation to The Mints, Cailin sent this note.  It’s a great reminder that it’s never too early to start learning how to express appreciation to others.  Thanks for setting such a great example, Cailin!

Besides (or in addition to) writing a thank you note, are there other ways you have found to say “thanks”?





  • Jennifer

    What a precious thank you note! She is an inspiration:)