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Prattville CityFest

We are excited to participate in Prattville CityFest this year!  The outdoor arts and crafts festival is scheduled for Saturday, May 3rd, from 9AM – 5 PM, and it is held in downtown Prattville.  It is a perfect opportunity to browse many different vendors and find that perfect Mother’s Day gift, graduation gift, and wedding gift.  This year, we will be selling our wedding thank you note books and aluminum serving pieces from our newly added collection.  If you have any questions about CityFest, please let us know.  We will do our best to answer your questions or point you in the right direction to find the information you are seeking.

We have expanded our aluminum serving collection to include:

  • pitchers
  • spoon rests
  • candle snuffers
  • ice scoops, and
  • ice buckets.

Below are photographs of items we will have available at CityFest.  If you are unable to make it to CityFest but are interested in purchasing any of these pieces, please contact us at  We look forward to seeing you soon!



Spoon Rest
Spoon Rest
Candle Snuffer
Candle Snuffer
Ice Scoop
Ice Scoop


Ice Bucket
Ice Bucket



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Happy Valentine’s Day Sale! How Did Your 2014 Start?



Whew!  It has been a crazy few weeks for us!  My family moved during the holidays, and the picture above shows what my garage looked like until just last Saturday.  It looks much better now, thanks to the hard work of my dear husband.  My family moved because my husband is going to deploy very soon.  Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers during this next year.  It is going to be a busy one for us!

Rachel has been hard at work on our Facebook store.  We recently added pewter serving pieces for sale, and we will be adding them to our website very soon.  To celebrate Valentine’s Day, all products in our Facebook shop, including our books, are 14% off!  This sale lasts through Sunday, February 16th, and you don’t need a code for the discount.  Here is a link to our Facebook store.  Below are pictures of the pewter we have in our store.







Please let us know what you think about our new products.  We love hearing from you!  Happy Valentine’s Day!



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Sugared Fruit Made Easy


Have you seen the latest issue of Martha Stewart Real Weddings?  We were so excited when we spotted it!  Imagine our surprise when we were flipping through and discovered a simple recipe for sugaring lemons.  Page 27 of the magazine provides instructions for making sugared lemons involving only three ingredients: 1) lemons, 2) beaten egg whites, and 3) coarse white sugar!  If you don’t have coarse white sugar and don’t want to order any (or don’t have time to order it), Wilton’s Sugar Sprinkles (available at craft stores) or even granulated sugar from the grocery store may also be used.

How gorgeous would this centerpiece be for weddings, showers, or any other special occasion?!  Adding lemon leaves provides a nice contrast to the bright yellow, but if lemon leaves are not available, other, similarly sized green leaves could be substituted.  We haven’t tried this particular recipe, but the magazine also suggests using it to sugar pears and grapes.

Several weeks ago, we provided a tutorial on sugaring fruit to use on a groom’s cake.  The centerpiece featured in the magazine is so fresh, vibrant, and perfect for summer, we wanted to share the idea of sugared fruit used in a different way.  We hope you enjoy!

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Starkville, Mississippi Wedding Weekend

me, jordan, laura, thomas (2)

 Jordan and I had a wonderful weekend celebrating the wedding of our friends Laura and Thomas in Mississippi.  Jordan andThomas played sports together in high school in Columbus, Mississippi and remained friends while they attended Mississippi State University in Starkville.  Over the last couple of years, I have had the pleasure of getting to know Laura and Thomas.  What a fun couple!

Jordan started off the weekend on Friday playing a round of golf with the groom and a few other guys in the wedding at the beautiful Old Waverly golf course in West Point, Mississippi.

The rehearsal (at the Chapel of Memories on the Mississippi State campus) and the rehearsal dinner  at Old Waverly) on Friday night were the perfect end to a relaxing day (relaxing for the wedding guests anyway). 

As we were visiting the local shops in Starkville on Saturday, we ran into Foley Bell Holditch, owner of one of the newest stores in downtown Starkville- Thyme.  Foley worked with Jordan in Memphis and has since moved on to opening this amazing store.  I’m sure you’re wondering “what kind of store is Thyme?”  Well, think Pottery Barn meets Williams-Sonoma.   It is a wonderful blend of kitchen and home decor items.  If we had more room in our car, I would have brought home at least one of their beautiful wreaths. 

Early Saturday evening, the wedding itself was at the Chapel of Memories on Mississippi State’s campus.  It is the perfect size for a wedding and is so simply elegant, it doesn’t call for extravangant decorations.  Following the ceremony, we moved on to the Hotel Chester for an evening of fun with friends.  It was beautifully decorated with flowers everywhere you turned.  The menu was delicious as well-the food ranged from fresh fruit to sushi to a mashed potato bar.  Of course no wedding is complete without bride’s and groom’s cake, and I sampled some of both!  The bride’s cake was a wonderfully light lemon flavored cake with buttercream icing, and the groom’s cake was a decadent chocolate cake with smooth buttercream chocolate icing.  

As the bride and groom left the reception and drove away in their limo, the crowd waved streamers made of coral, green, and white ribbon that complemented the wedding flowers and bridesmaid dresses perfectly. I have not seen streamers as a way to see off the bride and groom before, but I love the idea. It might create more work prior to the wedding than birdseed or rose petals, but the cleanup after the wedding has to be a breeze.

 While Thomas and Laura are having a blast at their all inclusive resort in the Carribbean this week, Jordan and I are busy thinking of ways to rationalize a reason why we should go back to an all inclusive resort this summer.  We had a great time at the El Dorado Royale for our honeymoon last year and wish we could go back at least twice a year. 

Below are a few other pictures from our weekend in Mississippi.

Congratulations and Best Wishes, Laura and Thomas!  We wish you nothing but the best.  

Rehearsal Dinner Invitation


Wedding Invitation


Wedding Program


Wedding Ceremony Flowers


Hotel Chester


Some of the many beautiful flower arrangements greeting guests as they arrived at the reception                                             



Bride’s Cake


Groom’s Cake


If you’re in the middle of planning a wedding, I hope some of the ideas from Laura’s and Thomas’ wedding will be helpful for you.  I’m hoping to be able to acquire a better camera soon so the pictures on the blog will show up better.  Thanks for stopping by and reading!



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Sugared Fruit

Groom's Cake Inspiration

Have you ever wanted to sugar fruit for a special occasion but were a little wary of using egg whites or weren’t sure it would turn out correctly?  Fear no more friends.  I found a quick and easy recipe for sugaring fruit that does not involve egg whites!
For the groom’s cake at my wedding last year, I really wanted sugared fruit as the main decoration.  I had run across this Martha Stewart groom’s cake picture and fell in love with the idea (Who doesn’t love a good Martha Stewart idea?).

I decided to research how to sugar fruit when my wedding cake baker told me he had never sugared fruit for a cake before , and he didn’t think he could do it for health reasons.  So, I went to work researching various ways to sugar fruit without using egg whites.

The recipe I found and ended up using for my wedding involved only three ingredients besides fruit: 1) meringue power  2) water and 3) sugar.  I was so relieved it was not going to be an expensive and tedious task!  So, I practiced sugaring fruit a few times prior to my wedding and since it turned out well each time, I told my cake baker I would provide the sugared fruit for the cake.  About two days prior to the wedding, I washed the fruit and sugared it.  I didn’t refrigerate it because I had read that once the fruit has been sugared it should not be refrigerated.

Here is a picture of how the fruit turned out for my wedding.  What do you think?

Here is the recipe I have used to sugar fruit:

Estimated sugaring time: 30 minutes

Estimated drying time: 4-6 hours

1) 1/3 cup of meringue powder (available at craft stores, like Michaels)

2) 4 tablespoons of water

3) sugar as needed (approximately 8 ounces will cover 10 large pieces of fruit)

Wash your fruit, dry it, and set aside.  Stir the meringue powder and water together in a small to medium bowl.  Spread the meringue powder and water mixture over a piece of fruit (I have used pastry brushes or basting brushes to spread it in the past.  I have seen where others have used paint brushes.).  Once the piece of fruit is covered in the mixture, sprinkle sugar  over the fruit while holding the fruit by the stem or on the ends. You may want to pour the sugar in a small bowl for easy access to it while sugaring.  Repeat for each piece of fruit.  Let the fruit dry on wax paper or a cooling rack for approximately 4-6 hours.

Don’t refrigerate the fruit once it has been sugared.  The sugared fruit should be usable as a decoration for up to 4-7 days.  If you plan on eating the fruit though, I would prepare it the day of your event or just one or two days prior to your event.

Below are some pictures and tips from my most recent endeavor to sugar fruit.

Meringue Powder

 Meringue Powder and Water Mixture


Basting Brush used to spead Meringue Powder and Water Mixture over Fruit

Wilton Sparkling Sugar
Sugared Fruit Drying
 The Finished Product!

Recipe Tips

What type of sugar to use:

For my wedding, I used regular granulated sugar and Wilton white sparkling sugar (available at craft stores, like Michaels).  I used a mixture of the granulated and Wilton sugar on some pieces of fruit, while on others I used just the granulated or just the Wilton.  I prefer the look of the Wilton sugar myself because I think it is more defined, but my mother prefers the look of just granulated sugar because the overall effect is more subtle.  I think you could use almost any type of sugar available.  It just depends on the look you like best.

Number of pieces of fruit the recipe will cover:

I was able to sugar about 10 large pieces of fruit using the 1/3 cup of meringue powder and 4 tablespoons of water.  If you want to sugar more fruit, I would recommend doubling or tripling the recipe.

Sprinkling the sugar over the fruit:

I would recommend not holding the fruit over your bowl of sugar as you are sugaring.  I did this once and ended up with a goopy mess in my bowl of sugar.  The meringue powder and water mixture started running off the fruit and into the bowl of sugar.  I found that just holding the fruit over wax paper while sprinkling sugar over it worked the best.  Then, I just let the fruit dry on the wax paper.

Types of fruit to use:

Again, this is up to your preference.  I have used grapes (red and green), pears, apples (red and green), oranges, lemons, limes, and plums in the past with success.



P.S.  Here is a link to a recipe for making sugared fruit with egg whites.


 Just be sure not to eat the fruit!