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Prattville CityFest

CityFest Blog

Last weekend, we had the fun opportunity to participate in Prattville’s CityFest.  CityFest is a really popular event in our area, and organizers actually sold out of vendor space.  We were glad we applied for a spot well in advance of the deadline this year.

The weather was perfect!  In the picture, you can see that we had a fan in our booth, but we didn’t need it.  The weather really was wonderful!  We did not have an opportunity to check out all of the other booths at CityFest, but we saw booths selling jewelry, home accessories, and even pet turtles.  Local law enforcement groups and politicians also participated.  Our booth showcased our books for wedding thank you notes and our new aluminum serving pieces.  As  you can see in the picture, we were actually assigned a spot right in front of a bridal and tux store.  The store was closed during CityFest, but we still thought it was very appropriate placement for our booth!

Do you see the pink sequined dress in the photo (behind Rachel)?  Every little girl that passed the store commented on that dress.  It was too cute!  I guess the dress is very eye-catching, even to little ones.

There were plenty of different food options to choose at CityFest.  Rachel and I both ate grilled chicken on a stick for lunch.  It may not sound great, but it was really good!  I wish we had taken a picture of it, but we didn’t.  For dessert, Rachel found a vendor selling Dole Whip.  Delicious!  We managed to capture the Dole Whip on our Instagram account. Yum!

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 10.34.33 PM

CityFest occurs once each year, in May, and this year was truly a blast!



***P.S. As a side note, the picture of our booth was taken on my iPhone using the Pro HDR app.  We initially took a photo with my “real” camera, but because of our tent the image was very dark.  We tried the same shot using my iPhone and the Pro HDR app, and the result is the first image in our post.  I love this particular app because it corrects the image right away.  What are your favorite (and easiest) apps to use for images?

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Thank You Note from a Precious Cheerleader

Cailin Featured Image

Recently, my husband’s niece, Cailin,  sent this thank you note to my in-laws.  Isn’t it sweet?  Cailin is a cheerleader for The Mints.  This year, The Mints were named National Cheerleader Association (NCA) National Champions.  These young ladies and their parents worked incredibly hard logging many, many miles in order to obtain their goal.  Part of the path to the championship also involved raising money for uniforms, travel, etc.

Here’s a picture of Cailin at the beach.

As a way to say “thanks” for a donation to The Mints, Cailin sent this note.  It’s a great reminder that it’s never too early to start learning how to express appreciation to others.  Thanks for setting such a great example, Cailin!

Besides (or in addition to) writing a thank you note, are there other ways you have found to say “thanks”?





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Holiday Thank You Notes


During this time of year, many of us will be giving and receiving gifts. When on the receiving end, it is considerate and always polite to drop the gift-giver a note. If you are at a loss for what to write, we’ve got some suggestions to get you started! Read below for some sample holiday thank you notes from our book, Something New. These samples are geared for holiday themed gifts an engaged or newly married couple might receive, but these notes may be adopted for use by anyone! Let us know if they help you.


Sample #1:

Dear Mrs. Swanson,

     Thank you for the vegetable bowl in the Spode Christmas Tree pattern you gave Frank and me for our wedding.  I plan to use each Christmas piece we receive for our wedding during the holidays, even if it is just for Frank and me.  I am hoping to host a Christmas party, though, to have a good excuse to use all our Christmas china pieces!

     It was so kind of you to remember us with this special gift.  Thank you for helping us celebrate our marriage.



July 15


Sample #2:

Dear Mrs. Aronov,

     Thank you for the beautiful Waterford crystal dreidel you gave Harry and me in celebration of our marriage.  I displayed it just last week in time for the Hanukkah party we were hosting, and I received quite a few compliments on it.  The way it sparkles under lights is just breathtaking!

     We were so glad you and Mr. Aronov were able to make it to our wedding.  Thank you again for your kindness and generosity.



December 15


Sample #3:

Dear Mrs. Thomas,

     George and I would like to thank you and Mr. Thomas for the beautiful, hand carved kinara you gave us for our wedding.  This will make a wonderful centerpiece on our table when we are entertaining guests during Kwanzaa.  The wood of the kinara blends so nicely with our wooden table!

     We were so glad you were both able to come to the wedding.  Thank you again for thinking of us during this special time in our lives.




October 11

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A Note for Kim and Kris

Bride and Groom Kissing

From the latest headlines, it seems Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are calling it quits on their marriage from this summer.  According to reports, Kardashian and Humphries were married just 72 days before Kardashian filed for divorce.  A question that has now been raised is: what should be done with the wedding gifts?

Probably the best practice is to return the gifts along with a thank you note, even if a thank you note was previously sent for the gift.  Writing thank you notes and returning gifts during this difficult period may be quite draining, and having a set format will help the couple work through the letter writing process quickly.  Here is an example of a thank you note a couple might find useful if they find themselves in a similar situation:

Dear Mrs. Roberts, 

    Thank you for the towel set you gave Jerry and me for our wedding.  The towels are a beautiful color, and they feel so plush!  However, please accept the return of this gift due to our impending divorce.  We are saddened by this recent turn of events, but we appreciate your kind gesture of a lovely wedding present.



November 9


More thank you notes for brides will be available in our new book, Something New: A Bride’s Guide to Wedding Thank You Notes.  We’ll have more information on the book in the next few weeks!


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Crane’s Personalized Stationery on Sale!


Calling all connoisseurs of fine stationery! Crane’s is currently offering up to 40% off their personalized stationery. Just follow this link to their website to see all of your options.

Crane’s Personalized Stationery End of Summer Sale

But hurry, this end of summer sale won’t last much longer.

My personal pick is the watermelon on ecruwhite monogram correspondence cards. Pink and monograms are two of my favorite combinations. What’s your favorite?