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Get Buff!


When I was engaged and planning my wedding, I realized I wanted and needed to get in shape. At the time, I was in my last year of law school, and for awhile, fitness and healthy eating just had not been a priority of mine. As my wedding date drew near, I started getting nervous about wearing a white dress (which isn’t the most flattering color on someone as pale as myself) and walking down the aisle in front of family and friends. I wanted to look my best, and I knew that I really needed to focus on my workout routine.

The problem was, I didn’t have a work-out routine. What’s a girl with a limited budget and limited time to do? I had access to my school’s gym, but using it wasn’t as convenient as I needed it to be. I searched and searched for ideas on the Internet. I knew I wanted to combine some strength training with cardio. Finally, I stumbled on the book Buff Brides written by Sue Fleming.  It was so helpful!

The book was very well organized and provided specific directions for weight training.  It was organized into a 24 week program and a 12 week program for those who find themselves in a time crunch.  The book provides steps and illustrations to complete each exercise.  Since I knew next to nothing about strength training, I found the illustrations and directions very helpful.  In addition to the information on strength training, the book also provided suggestions for combining strength training with cardio.  Because Buff Brides was so user friendly, I ended up following the program right up until my wedding using the exercises in the book and usually walking at a fast pace for my cardio.  I did have to purchase some equipment: hand weights, an exercise ball, ankle weights, and a step platform.  However, I could work out at any time in my own apartment.  Sometimes, I was finishing my workout at 1:00 a.m.

Now there is apparently a DVD for those who prefer something like that to using the book, but the book is still available.  Sue has also written other books for getting into shape, but I have not used those.

Several weeks ago, I had a baby, and so getting back into shape is constantly on my mind.  Wish me luck!  I’m starting back on the Buff Brides program next week, even though I’m not planning a wedding:)  That’s how much I enjoyed it years ago!

Here’s the reason I’m out of shape.  I think it’s a pretty good one:)

What are your tips for getting into shape?



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Be Balanced



Does wedding planning, or life in general, stress you?  If so, Blue Oil balancing concentrate may be just what you need!  We were introduced to this Aveda product by Alexis over at Same Chic Different Day.  It’s a combination of peppermint and blue camomile designed to refresh and soothe.  The oil may be used for mental stress, repetitive movement stress, and tender muscles.  Its scent is completely refreshing, and it also has a cooling effect (perfect for Alabama summers)!  Blue Oil comes in a rollerball that fits perfectly into a purse, making it easy to carry and have on hand whenever needed.  Consider adding it to your emergency bridal kit for the day of the wedding, giving it as a hostess gift, or giving it as a gift to your bridesmaids!  It may be the best $15.00 you spend.

Aveda products may be purchased in the Montgomery area at Amplify Salon and Studio, Doug’s 2 Salon & Day Spa, 2940 Salon & Spa, and William Mason Salon (Prattville).  If you’re not in the Montgomery area, you can find an Aveda location by entering your zip code or city and state, here.

We hope you have a balanced day!