Welcome!  My name is Emily Smith.  I’m an attorney practicing in a small firm with my dad.  Before attending law school, I taught music at an elementary school for two years. Rachel, my younger sister, and I began writing our book, Something New: The Bride’s Complete Guide to Writing Thank You Notes, after my wedding in 2007.  In 2007, I graduated from law school, took the bar exam, married, and moved to California all in the span of four months.  As a result of this hectic schedule, my thank you notes for wedding gifts were not the priority they should have been.  It took me about 1 year to write all of them, and I am sure I missed sending some because my organizational skills were severely lacking at the time.  We hope this book will save brides (and grooms) time and help them complete their thank you notes in a timely fashion.  The book and its companion are available for sale on our website and on Amazon and iTunes.

I live a usually fun and always hectic life with my husband and son.  Thanks for visiting our website, and please visit often for updates!  We’re also on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.